Radiation and Reason by Professor Wade Allison

Wade Allison is a Fellow of Keble College and Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford where he has studied and taught for over 40 years. His hobby is sailing. “Out there on the ocean far from land survival involves physics, and you are all on your own, like mankind on planet Earth” he tells his children and grandchildren. He was educated at Rugby School and Trinity College, Cambridge where he studied the Natural Sciences and Part III Mathematics. His graduate study at Oxford and his earlier research work was in high energy physics, in particular the radiation field of relativistic particles, but his interests and expertise have spread much wider into medical physics and the explanation of science to the wider public.

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Research Interests

His background is in experimental Particle Physics. In earlier years he developed new experimental methods with their theory, and applied these in experiments on quarks at CERN and on neutrinos in the USA. He made special studies on the fields of relativistic charged particles in matter. As a result of initiating some years ago an optional student course on applications of nuclear physics, his interests moved sideways into medical physics, in particular safety, therapy and imaging across the full spectrum: ionising radiation, ultrasound and magnetic resonance. He spent 3 years writing an advanced student text book Fundamental Physics for Probing and Imaging (2006), before starting work on his latest publication, Radiation and Reason.

Selected Publications

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