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11 Feb 2021 Big batteries - an explosive issue (448 Kb) Why Renewables and a battery can never provide a stable grid
21 Jan 2021 Oxford University Science Society Only by adopting nuclear energy can man hope to survive climate change
13 Dec 2020 Nuclear Energy far better than Renewables (317 Kb) Position Paper for discussion by investors, Top Tier Impact
10 Nov 2020 Green Power at Sea? Not the way the wind blows (266 Kb) Off-shore wind will not keep the lights on in UK
26 Oct 2020 Panel discussion: Only Nuclear Can Provide the Energy the Word Needs
6 Aug 2020 Hiroshima reconsidered (591 Kb) It is time to examine the scientific truth
11 May 2020 Florence Nightingale: science and health, 200 yrs (251 Kb) A story of humanity, bravery and science
Mar 2020 Nature Energy and Society (720 Kb) A scientific study of the options facing civilisation today
29 Jan 2020 School lecture with Q&A: The Next Industrial Revolution A video.
Jan 2020 The Natural Science of Reliable Energy - lecture flyer (1.8 Mb) for schools, societies, clubs on request
Autumn 2019 A Message for Society from Science [Oxford Physics Dept Newsletter] (2.0 Mb)
18 Aug 2014 Face-to-face tutorial with slides Why radiation is safe & all nations should embrace nuclear technology .
Nov 2018 Oxford Seminar, William Dunn School of Pathology When Fear Kills The Case of Nuclear Energy.
31 Oct 2019 An invted Lecture at a Sixth Form College The Next Industrial Revolution (2.2 Mb)
4-11 Oct 2019 IAEA Conference on Climate Change and Nuclear Power, Vienna Poster: Understanding the Place of Nuclear in the Science of Energy (371 Kb)
17-18 Sept 2019 Conference on Low-Dose Radiation Kielce, Poland Radiation Safety and Life (Kielce Conf 2019) (2.7 Mb)
10-11 Sept 2019 Sheffield School of Management, Mini-Conference on UK Energy Security and Renewables Nuclear Energy The Third Energy Revolution (3.6 Mb)
1 May 2019 Now for the Third Energy Revolution (190 Kb)
27 February 2019 Energy fit for life and the Environment (144 Kb)
25 January 2019 Nature and Nuclear Power - the hills and valleys will be thankful and every creature rejoice (869 Kb)
12 November 2018 When Fear Kills (pdf Oxford Lecture 12 Nov 2018) (2.8 Mb)
16 October 2018 Energy in a democracy: people need to know (88 Kb)
21 June 2018 Oxford International Health Conference: Nuclear and Radiation Phobia (1.8 Mb)
14 Feb 2018 To know or not to know: That is the Nuclear Question (94 Kb)
7 Nov 2017 Marie Curie and Nuclear Power (95 Kb)
27 July 2017 Lessons on public safety from Grenfell and Fukushima (134 Kb)
22 May 2017 Radiation is not the tiger (109 Kb)
8 May 2017 Protected by Nature (140 Kb)
1 Nov 2016 Nuclear Energy and Society, Radiation and Life - the Evidence (508 Kb) Oxford Energy Colloquium

Two books (download PDF free, or order paperback from distributor)

Dec 2015 Nuclear is for Life: A Cultural Revolution (10.6 Mb) , or buy softback
23 Oct 2009 Radiation and Reason (updated 2012) (8.7 Mb) , or buy soft/kindle/epub edn

Links to other sites and parliamentary submissions

24 May 2016 UK Parliamentary S&T Committee Submission to Science in Emergencies Inquiry
4 March 2016 UK Parliamentary Welsh Affairs Committee Submission to Nuclear Power Inquiry
7 Dec 2011 UK Parliamentary S&T Committee Submission to Risk Perception and Energy Infrastructure Inquiry
26 Mar 2011 BBC World Service Viewpoint: We should stop running away from radiation
International Scientists for Accurate Radiation Information (SARI)
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Dec 2014 Tokyo Press Conf. Time for the scientific environmental and economic truth about nuclear power
with handout at Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan (1.5 Mb)
3 Oct 2014 Lecture for 16/17 years Radiation and Reason: A Fresh Look at the Effect of Radiation On Life
18 Aug 2014 Face-to-face tutorial with slides Why radiation is safe & all nations should embrace nuclear technology .
Also available with subtitles and slides in Japanese
4 June 2014 Interview with ICHEME Why we should not fear radiation!
3 Oct 2013 Colloquium at CERN Radiation and Reason; Why radiation at modest dose rates is quite harmless and current radiation safety regulations are flawed with Q&A
20 Mar 2013 Interview with Nuclear Literacy Project
15 Oct 2012 Podcast with slides at Oxford Energy Society Lecture (6.4 Mb)
29 June 2012 Interview in Chicago at American Nuclear Society Meeting video
4 Oct 2011 Interview in Tokyo with Professor Ikeda video with Japanese subtitles
3 May 2011 Cardiff Science Cafe video lecture

Editions of the book Radiation and Reason

23 Oct 2009 English edition Book Information (94 Kb). Sample chapters can be found on the CONTENTS tab
Download Conclusions and Fukushima Epilogue (96 Kb) and post Fukushima Preface (79 Kb)
29 July 2011 Japanese edition can be found on Amazon
February 2013 Chinese edition likewise


SONE and Atomic Advocates UK (72 Kb)
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